IPMA staff

 NameTaskPresent in Perdigão
1Margarida Belo-PereiraCoordination, including the coordination between IPMA and ANAC and NAV to obtain the permission for launching balloons; Processing model outputs and observations Weather briefing.Yes
2Sérgio BarbosaCoordination between IPMA and ANACOM to obtain the permission to use the frequencies necessary for certain equipment to operate.Yes
3Jorge MarquesSounding launching and assistance with necessary material for sounding launching.Yes
4Paula PeixeSounding launchingYes
5Ricardo RamosProcessing model outputs and observationsNo
6Sandra GomesProcessing model outputs and observationsYes
7Ricardo DeusWeb programmingNo
8Joana TeixeiraWeb programmingNo
9Sandra CorreiaWeather briefing and organization of forecaster shiftsNo
10Ângela LourençoWeather briefingNo
11Bruno CaféWeather briefingNo
12Cristina SimõesWeather briefingNo
13Joana SanchesWeather briefingYes
14Paula LeitãoWeather briefingNo
15Patrícia GomesWeather briefingNo
16Maria João FradaWeather briefingNo
17Ricardo TavaresWeather briefingYes
18João RioWeather briefingYes
19Madalena RodriguesWeather briefingNo
20Nuno MoreiraWeather briefing and organization of forecaster shiftsYes
21Clara FreitasAdministrative workNo
22Susana ReinoAdministrative workNo
23Júlio GuerraAdministrative workYes
24Pedro ViterboCoordinationYes
25Ana AlbinoAdministrative workNo
26Fernando OliveiraInformatic supportNo